Our Mission

Inspire and empower the courageous who celebrate Armenia.

We decide to celebrate our past and nod to our future.

Anyone who wears PRIME clothing makes a bold decision to become an ambassador of the Armenian way of life.

  • Education

    - We develop our workers and encourage them to learn and pursue their own passions

    - We educate society about the Armenian way of life through our designs

  • Social Responsibility

    - We pay taxes to build the Armenian society

    - From production to sales, Armenians get fair wages in the life cycle of our product

  • Eco-Friendly

    We aim for zero waste by reusing and recycling all materials

How did Prime begin?

I grew up with my brother and mother in Yerevan. In order to support us financially my mom would bake sweets and we would deliver them to local stores.

So the first entrepreneur in my family was actually my mom.

Back then I would dream of being independent and have no one telling me “You can’t do this because you’re a girl”.

However it wasn’t until I met my supportive partner that I got the courage to start my own business. I was an SEO specialist at the time and he explained to me, “While you can develop yourself in your career, you can develop your community by starting your own business.”

So in 2019 I got the courage to open the first Prime store. Now Prime generates the designs and sells clothing at three stores in Yerevan which my teammate produces.

  • When I realized that Armenians are hungry for prints that resonate with their Armenian identity, we began to collect design ideas from everywhere including our customers.

  • We try to make people smile with the designs and with the store atmosphere, where visitors can listen to their own or the store’s vinyl records.

  • We have also kept prices affordable for local Armenians. 

  • If you always see and wear clothing with english words, you’ll forget where you come from.

  • So it’s incredible to see people take pride in their Armenian identity and share snippets of culture with others they pass by. I get goosebumps when I see it!

  • Our next phase is to develop our e-commerce platform and reach the diasporan Armenian community all over the world. 

Our Prime Family

  • Julia

    She manages us all

  • Milena

    Girl who always sings and smiles with her eyes

  • Gayane

    Nail art master

  • Maryne

    Girl with a character

  • Mary

    Master of Korean language and loves basketball

  • Araks

    Chaque personne a sa propre voie

  • Mariam

    Boxing and tourism is her passion. Watch out!

  • Diana

    Expert in self education. Loves horseback riding, enjoys telling our story.

  • Alice

    The one who creates unreal reality

  • Lilia

    If you have an order just drop her a message

    contact the master 
  • Suli

    Live, dream and create.

    content master 
  • Join Us

    We are always looking for teammates.

    Send us an email 
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